OneScooter EX8S 60V 18AH 2 x 1200W Motors

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We are excited to introduce you to the new line of products in the OneMoto family. The first product we can introduce is the OneScooter EX8S with a whooping 60V 18A Lithium battery technology and a total combined motor power of 2400W, yup, you read that right 2400W! What makes this truly unique is the fact that it can climb slopes of up to 15% degrees making hills something you no longer avoid and with the powerful batteries, this has a range of 25-30 miles per charge. If your interest has been piqued read on below to see all the included features which make this one of the best E-Scooters around.

Let's begin with the frame
Designed to withstand weights of up to 150KG and built to last the aluminium frame not only makes this lightweight but also sturdy without sacrificing on performance. Whilst most scooters out there on the surface look the same, it's not only until you start digging deeper that you realise that not all are made to the standards which the OneScooter EX8S is made.

Seat or No Seat?
You choose, whether you prefer free-styling or use the spring-loaded removable seat, the OneScooter EX8S allows for both styles of riding without sacrificing on performance and practicality. With the easy removal mechanism, you can go from seat to no seat in a matter of minutes. There's plenty of E-Scooters with seats out there but we'd argue none come even close to the OneScooter EX8S.

Built-in Headlight, Rear Reflectors & Side LED's
If you've ever been riding on an E-Scooter during the night and wished for a headlight then this scooter provides this and some. The powerful LED headlight included in the OneScooter EX8S provides up to 6 meters of irradiation coverage forwards and an incredible 26 square meters of diameter! The rear reflectors make you stand out providing better safety if you are riding at night and the side LED's make sure you are seen for miles!

Hydraulic Shock Absorbers for Both Front & Rear
If comfort is what you are looking for on an E-Scooter, you need to look no further as the OneScooter EX8S has been designed with that in mind. Each wheel includes two state of the art Hydraulic Shock-Absorbers making this one of the most comfortable scooters in the market and with the addition of spring-loaded seat, you can truly ride in comfort. Whilst most E-Scooters feel like you are on the verge of losing control, the OneScooter EX8S feels like you are one, thanks to the included Shock-Absorbers.

2 Powerful Motors at 1200W Each Producing a Combined Power of 2400W Power without correct delivery is nothing to write home about, however, the OneScooter EX8S has been designed to not only provide power but deliver that power to you in a smooth and an efficient manner which makes this one of few E-Scooters out there which not only lets you enjoy the power on offer but it does it whilst being efficient at the same time. This is why the OneScooter EX8S can reach speeds of 40KM/h at a minimum and in perfect conditions, this can go as far as 55KM/h!

Powerful Motors Need Powerful Lithium ION Batteries
The OneScooter EX8S has an incredible 60V 18A battery giving you a theoretical range of 25 -30 miles per charge and speaking of charging this beauty can go from 0 - 100% in just 4 hours! It will impossible to reach those performance numbers with standard LED acid batteries however with the state of the art Lithium ION technology the OneScooter EX8S is an absolute beast in performance.

Adjustable Handlebar
We understand that our users come in different shapes and sizes and our OneScooter EX8S has been designed to cater to most. The handlebar can be adjusted fully to allow you to make this truly your own and unlike most E-Scooters this adjustability in the OneScooter EX8S does not mean lack of stability and thanks to the Aluminum frame you can adjust the handlebar to your liking and yet still retain the stability needed.

Wide 10Inch Tires Designed for Performance
The tires on the OneScooter EX8S have been specifically designed to provide grip in the majority of the surfaces this is likely to be used on and thanks to the sealed body this means you can also use this when there is a slight drizzle. Keep in mind, this is not waterproof so puddles and heavy rain should be avoided, however, in the event that it starts to rain, it gives you the freedom to get yourself to your destination!

Front & Rear Hydraulic Brakes System
Brakes are the most important thing on E-Scooters and this one has a best in class braking system on both wheels! There are brake disks on both wheels giving this not only much better-stopping power when compared to others out there but at the same time, you get a much smoother braking feel.

Foldable & Easy to Carry
The OneScooter EX8S has an ingenious folding mechanism getting you from riding to carrying in a matter of seconds. If your journey involves multiple types of transport from car to public transport then a folding scooter is an absolute must and with the OneScooters EX8S, you have the best mechanism you can find!

Speed & Performance

  • Battery Spec: 60V
  • Battery Type: Lithium
  • Approx Max Speed: 55KM/H
  • Speed Limiter: No
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Gears: Automatic
  • Electric Motor Spec: 2 x 1200W
  • Battery Voltage: 60V
  • Approx Range Per Charge: 25-30 Miles
  • Charge Time: 4 Hours
  • Suspension & Brakes

  • Front Brakes: Disk Brakes
  • Rear Brakes: Disk Brakes
  • Front Shocks: Hydraulic
  • Rear Shocks: Hydraulic
  • Brake Type: Disk
  • Suspension Type: Damper
  • Wheel Type: Pneumatic Off-Road
  • Dimensions & Weights

  • Dry Weight: 30KG
  • Front Wheel Size: 10Inch
  • Rear Wheel Size: 10Inch
  • Box Dimensions: 126 x 31 x 39CM
  • Box Weight: 33KG
  • Product Dimensions: 125 x 57 x 80-120CM
  • Product Weight: 30KG
  • Max User Weight: 150KG
  • Other

  • Frame Material: Aluminium
  • Start-Up Method: Electric Start
  • Working Lights: Yes
  • Charger Type: UK 3-Pin Charger
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