The History Behind OneMoto

The History Behind OneMoto

The History Behind OneMoto

Many of our customers are probably unaware that OneMoto only started life back in September 2020 and is actually part of RiiRoo Limited, the leading kids ride on toy retailer.

RiiRoo decided to start OneMoto due to the sheer amount of our customers asking them if they had any toys for older kids.

We’re guessing that this was the natural progression?

Where Did The Name Come From?

To be honest, the name was voted on by the staff at RiiRoo. It was chosen from 5 other alternatives and it seemed like OneMoto stuck. We also had fun choosing the appropriate logo and branding for OneMoto too! 

With so many differences of opinion, you can imagine this took a while to finally settle on the name, colours and branding you currently see on the website.

So What Do We Have Available?

Quad Bikes

Not only do we sell petrol quad bikes, but we also sell electric ones too! This means if you are a bit apprehensive of your child riding and operating a petrol quad, don’t fear, we have you covered.

Quad bikes are a great present for a child looking for adventure. They are all very powerful, so fun is pretty much guaranteed.

Motorbikes & Dirt Bikes

The motorbike range isn’t as large as our quad bike range, but it’s growing nicely. We also have a decent amount of dirt bikes too! 

So there’s plenty of choice for that special present. In fact, we receive more enquiries for our dirt bikes than anything else we sell here at OneMoto.

Buggies & Karts

Our buggies and karts range of toys have seen a massive amount of interest. We think this the case because you don’t generally see that many of them around your neighbourhood. They also look way cooler than our motorbikes and quads with most having a roll bar for effect.


We bet you didn’t expect to see this in the lineup? Believe it or not, this is actually one of our best sellers. We think it’s because they can be used and played with for several years as your child grows. It’s also great for those families that have access to a lot of land.


Did you know that Onemoto has just taken a new delivery of electric scooters? Even though RiiRoo have been selling them for a few years. They have proven to be really popular, even sales are traditionally a lot slower this time of the year.


Yes, you read that right. Even toys need trailers. Now, these won’t be able to use with all of  the toys we sell, but if you come across one of our trailers on the product page. 

Which One Is Right For our Child?

This is a subjective question, really. The only thing we can say is, “it depends”. If you want your child to make a smooth transition from a small battery electric toy, then we recommend going for another battery electric one with a bit more power. However, if you were purchasing for an older child, then there’s no need for a transition.

Do You Have a Showroom?

Onemoto does not have a showroom since the majority of our sales are done online. However, we do have a few items within the RiiRoo showroom, but, we would recommend that you call and ask what we have available to view on the premises.

Also, depending on when you’re reading this, the showroom may be closed to the public due to the current lockdown law. Again, before you make the trip, just ensure we are open to the public to avoid any disappointment. 

Where Are Your Toys Manufactured?

The vast majority of our toys are manufactured in China, but we have modified them to our own specifications, such as motor size, voltage and general styling. This means each toy is unique to OneMoto. Something we’re very proud of.

Free Delivery

Unlike a lot of our competitors, OneMoto offers all of our UK mainland customers a free delivery service. Oftentimes, delivery will also be next day depending on the time of order. 

Just remember that your order is likely to be delivered on a pallet. So ensure you have adequate space for your toy to sit for a while.

What Methods of Payment Do You Accept?

Since most of our sales are online, we take a wide variety of different payments of debit and credit card. Of course, if you are unsure, then please get in touch with us and double check before you place an order.

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