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Quad Bike Mistakes Beginners Make and the Top Tips to Get Kids Riding Better

Kids quad bikes are an exciting new way to get your kids off the couch and into some fun outdoor activities.

But with all of the quad bike options out there, it can be tough to find one that is a good fit for your child's age and skill quad bike mistakes

This article will cover quad bike mistakes beginners make, as well as give you top tips on how to get kids riding better.

What Is A Quad Bike?

A quad bike is a type of all-terrain vehicle that is designed for recreational use on rough terrain.

A quad bike, also called an ATV (all-terrain vehicle), can be ridden over any surface including grass, sand, mud, and gravel roads. They are used by farmers to get from field to field without getting stuck.

quad bikes are also used by hunters to reach more remote areas and access hunting spots on rugged mountain terrain.

A quad bike has four large tyres, one at each corner of the vehicle. They are a little taller than regular cars because quad bikes ride higher up off the ground for better handling in rough terrain like sand or mud pits.

What Do You Need To Know To Drive An A Quad?    

Quad bikes are easy to drive because they have no gears and just a throttle and brake pedal.

They can be driven straight out of the box, including on quad bike trails or quad bike tracks.

Even if you don't know how to ride a normal bicycle yet, that's no problem because quad bikes are easier to learn how to use.

They have a two-person seat, just like on the back of a motorcycle and people can ride them either sitting or standing up with one foot on each side of the quad bike's platform.

The quad bike is designed for four wheels instead of two, giving kids better balance and maneuverability in rough terrains like sand or mud pits.     

Now that you know what quad bikes are and how to use them, here's a list of quad bike mistakes beginners make with advice on how to avoid these problems:

- Buying the wrong sized quad bike for your child: quad bikes come in different sizes for adults and kids. If you're buying a quad bike for your kid, make sure it's the right size for them.

- Riding quad bikes at night or in low light: quad bikes are not designed to be ridden after dark and should only be used during daylight hours, so you need to switch quad bike riding activities with your child if that time of day approaches.

- Wearing anything loose around the neck - Loose clothing can be caught on bushes, branches, and other quad bike obstacles.

- Not wearing a helmet - quad bikes are designed for two people, so if the driver doesn't wear a helmet then neither should the passenger.

- Riding in sand or mud with no protective footwear - Kids can easily get their shoes stuck in the ground and lose their balance on quad bike tyres.            

- Riding quad bikes with no training - Quad bike riding is a skill that needs to be learned and practised.

- Carrying passengers on quad bikes without an adult present - If the driver falls off, there's nobody left holding up the quad bike or controlling its movements. 

- Not wearing clothing appropriate for rough terrain - Without protective gear like helmets, quad bikes can cause serious injuries.

- Riding quad bikes without the supervision of an adult - Quad bike accidents are potentially fatal so it's important to make sure kids are supervised at all times when on a quad bike.       

- Not maintaining quad bikes - quad bike accidents happen because people don't maintain their quad bikes properly. You need to perform regular maintenance to ensure quad bikes are safe for kids. For example,  quad bikes need to be in good working order, have a tight chain, well oiled, and have the quad bike's brakes properly adjusted.

- Buying quad bikes that are too powerful for kids - quad bike accidents happen because people don't use the correct quad bike size for their height or weight.

- Allowing quad bikes to touch on other objects - This can cause the quad bike's stability to be compromised and it can end up flipping over, which is extremely dangerous.

- Not reading the manual before riding a quad bike - The first thing to do is go through the owner's manual, making sure you know how to operate it safely and identify any safety features that need special attention.

- Thinking they can turn off quad bike safety features to make it more fun - quad bikes are designed with different levels of power and that's what makes them safer.

Step By Step Tips To Ensure Correct Quad Riding       

* Adjust the quad bike seat to a comfortable height.

* Keep both hands on the quad bike handles at all times when riding and never use one hand for support or by itself.

* Ride with your feet in the footrests and wear appropriate footwear.

* Lean into turns, rather than away from them.

* Stay in the quad bike's marked area at all times.

* Be aware of your surroundings and make sure you have plenty of room to stop or maneuver.

* Obey any signs indicating quad bikes are not allowed on a track, trail, or other designated areas.

* Check that the front and rear brakes are working properly, and make sure the quad bike is in neutral gear before starting.

* Brake gently to slow down or stop.

* Make sure there's plenty of clearance between you and anything that might get caught by your quad bike wheels when stopping.

* Always ride responsibly - don't act recklessly or speed up.

* Check all lights and horn work.

* When you first turn on the engine, allow it to warm up before taking it for a ride.   

* Only ride quad bikes in designated areas.

* Stay on the safe side of the track, and always obey all quad bike rules at your quad biking facility.

* Never operate a quad bike while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Wrapping Up

Many people buy a quad bike and then find that it’s too big or small for them. This is a common mistake parents make when buying quad bikes for their kids.

Also, trying to ride in the dark without lights on will lead to accidents, so make sure you have good visibility at all times by having bright headlights and tail lights installed.

Ensure your kids are wearing protective gear such as helmets and goggles because if they aren't wearing safety gear, they may get injured.

Main image - Photo by Appic on Unsplash  

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