Is Your Child Ready For A Petrol Ride-on?

Is Your Child Ready For A Petrol Ride-on?

It's the question that every parent asks themselves - is my child ready for a petrol ride-on?

Whilst there are many benefits of owning one, it's important to consider what impact this could have on your youngster.

In this article, we'll explore some of the pros and cons behind having a petrol ride-on toy as well as giving you some pointers on how to make sure your child is ready before they get one!

What Is a Kid's Petrol Ride-On?

A kid's petrol ride on is a miniature replica of the real thing (i.e dirt bike, go kart or quad bike) and is generally a little smaller and have less power.

The majority of kids' petrol ride-ons have a maximum speed between 15 to 25mph, with some going as fast as 40 mph! Is Your Child Ready For A Petrol Ride-on?

Having said this, it's important for parents to remember that the top speeds will vary from model to model so check before you buy.

They are not really any added safety features, so make sure your children are fully supervised at all times.

Start them off slow and then get them to build up their speed slowly once they become more confident.

The Benefits of Owning a Petrol Ride-on Toy for Your Child

Being outdoors is great for kids' health but children are spending less time being active nowadays, so owning one can help boost their fitness levels and get them moving.

They're also useful when it comes to teaching your child about responsibilities - if you buy them this type of toy then be sure to have some rules in place around where they can ride it etc...  

Relaxing on the sofa all day gets boring after a while!

So what's better than riding around outside? If you own one, chances are that your little ones will want to go out every single day which means getting fresh air into their lungs too.   

Riding these types of toys is a good way for them to make new friends too, as they can go out and about with their mates on the weekends.

What To Do If Your Child Is Interested In Owning One?

Before you buy your little one a petrol ride-on toy, there are some things that you need to consider first...

How old is my child?  

Age restrictions vary from model to model so make sure they're not too young for this type of activity - check before purchasing!

* What speed does it do? Make sure your kids know what level they should be riding at (and gradually increase if necessary)

* Are safety measures in place? Always supervise them when riding these types of toys than just letting them play without. Children will always try to push the boundaries and limits, so ensure they are always supervised!

* How much will it cost? Do you have the money available to buy one for your child or would a cheaper alternative be better instead? Kids' petrol ride-on can range from £250 - £1000+ depending on what type and model you get.  

Remember, children grow up fast which means that things don't last forever either!

So if there is an age limit in place then consider whether this toy has longevity written all over it... otherwise, avoid getting rid of something too quickly as children could develop bad habits by doing this (i.e playing games/toys etc...)

What Are The Benefits Of Petrol Ride-Ons?

Unfortunately, there are many negatives associated with petrol ride-ons - but what about the positives?

They're Fun - The main reason why children love their petrol ride-on toys is that they're just plain fun!

Children enjoy being able to pretend that they're grown up riding a motorbike around the garden or down a dirt track.    Imaginative Play - Another

Well, when you consider your child's age range (a few years) then these toys can provide hours upon hours of entertainment!

They'll help develop your youngster's skills such as balance and coordination too which is always a bonus.

Some people argue that these toys encourage bad behaviour in children, encouraging them to run off etc... but when you think about it - this can happen with any type of toy or game!

Also, if your child does something wrong then be sure to take the time out to talk through what happened and why they did it before punishing them for doing so.

Punishing without fully understanding causes issues within relationships between parents/children (and other loved ones).

The Downsides of Owning A Petrol Ride-on Toy For Your Child

In some cases, children will reach speeds that are higher than expected which could lead them into trouble!

Not only this but accidents do happen - so be sure to teach your child how to stay safe when riding one.

Whilst it's great that kids have more energy now - what if you don't want them going outside? What happens then? Kids' petrol ride-on also require petrol meaning there is always a cost involved... unless you use solar power ;)

Some parents say these toys encourage bad behaviour, as the children will always want to go out and ride it instead of doing their homework or tidying up.

So do petrol ride-on toys have longevity?

In all honesty, we'd say no because your little one will probably grow up far too quickly for their age range's restrictions! So bear this in mind when purchasing.

They Will Need To Learn Maintenance

Unlike electric ride-ons, there brand new petrol quad bike will need to serviced and maintained.

This means that parents will need to ensure there are funds set aside to get the necessary parts when they're required too.

It might be best for you and your child if you do this together (where possible) so that it's not such a daunting task!

Here's a list of the maintenance you will need to carry out:

* Oil Change

* Spark Plugs Replacement

* Checking the brakes and pads

* Check the petrol level

* Change filters when needed

* Cleaning the bike when necessary

Wrapping Up

Let's not forget that these toys are a great way of encouraging your youngster to get outside and play - so they can gain all those much-needed vitamin D rays from exposure to natural light!

And in turn, this will help them grow into well-rounded individuals. However, you should always ensure there is supervision going on too as accidents do happen even with petrol ride-ons which could lead to injury etc...Also, be sure to set boundaries beforehand because children love pushing limits ;) 

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