Frequently Asked Questions About Quad Bikes

Frequently Asked Questions About Quad Bikes

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Are there any age restrictions for using quad bikes?

Good question. The minimum age for riding quads typically ranges from 18-years-old, but this can differ by venue.But, some places do have age requirements depending on the size and power of these machines.

What licence do I need to ride a quad bike in the UK?

Quad bikes and ATVs are treated similarly to cars when it comes to the law. So if you intend on riding one on the road, among other things, then you'll need insurance specifically for roads. Often before insurers will insure a quad bike they require that their driver be 21 or older; however this can vary from insurer so make sure your policy covers an age requirement like this before purchasing- as without valid coverage there's no point in getting insured at all!

What insurance do I need to ride a quad?

If you're in the UK, at minimum with your quad being road legal, you'll need to make sure that it's covered by Third Party Only (TPO) insurance. This also holds true for all other vehicles on the road; this coverage ensures that if there is an accident and someone else was involved then they would be compensated accordingly. Our policies will allow you to cover your ATV or Quad bike as well - both of which can fall under TPO fire & theft protection (TPFT), plus a fully comprehensive level too!

Are quad bikes road legal? Can you make a quad bike road legal?

A road legal quad must have, at minimum: a front and rear numberplate, be registered with the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles), taxed by IRS (Internal Revenue Service) & hold an annual MOT. A daytime or nighttime inspection can be granted for quads without lights on their headlights or taillights depending on time restrictions; but in order to ensure safety we recommend using a quad that has functioning lighting when riding it outside during daylight hours because you never know if there might happen to be another vehicle coming from around the corner.

Can you ride a quad bike for long distances?

You can, as long as you stay alert! Riding a quad bike is great fun and it's also quite the workout. If you're planning on taking a quad bike for miles of flat terrain then think about doing that in shifts- most people find 60mph to be pretty much full throttle all day if they are going straight ahead.

Where to MOT and service quad bikes?

A lot of motorcycle garages will often have services they can provide for quad bikes & ATVs, but if in doubt about what is in your local area and you happen to live near a dealership then just give them a call.

How to ride a quad bike - do you need experience or a test?

Riding a quad bike is not too different from riding on a motorcycle. Basically, you have your thumb throttle and foot-controlled gears depending on the type of vehicle that you are using. However, some quads may be manual with an attached clutch like motorcycles while others might only require hand control for either shifting or accelerating/decelerating in order to determine its speed more easily as well as help prevent accidents by being able to stop quickly when needed if there's ever anything impeding their path ahead such as another person who needs assistance without them having any time left at all!

Where to ride quad bikes - can you quads on green lanes, tracks or off-road

It is legal to drive any vehicle on private land, provided that the owner of said property has given you permission. Obviously before driving a quad in most counties an individual will need insurance coverage for such action but as long as they are road-legal it’s okay! When navigating roads between green lanes and tracks (or just streets), be aware beforehand if your destination also allows four wheeled vehicles or not because cars aren't always permitted everywhere-- like bike lanes!

Remember that a road classed as "public right of way" can be ridden down, but you'll still need a full car licence or B1 entitlement. They are still public roads after all.

When it comes to tracks off-road, many motocross places won't allow quads unless otherwise noted so make sure before you show up at the track!

Can I carry passengers with a quad or ATV?

If you're thinking about taking a passenger with you on your quad or ATV, the answer is not so simple. You'll want to ensure that it's built for carrying passengers and make sure there are adequate protections in place before heading out!

ATV & buggy alternatives

When you think of a quad, chances are that the first thing to come into mind is something like an ATV or UTV.

A utility quad can handle all sorts of different activities and tasks – from carrying cargo on its racks up front and back, as well as hauling trailers with your goods loaded onto them for longer trips across rough terrain. You’ll find these quads in many shapes and sizes - so it should be easy enough to find one perfect for what you need! A lot of utility quads even have winches installed already- just wait until there’s some heavy lifting involved before reaching out for help!

Sports quads are the best choice for those looking to hit the open road and take in some nature, or better yet, want a little bit of both. Side-by-side ATVs and buggies offer utility but not quite as much comfort while also being more expensive than sports quads due to higher quality materials used. It really depends what you're after!

Farming quads - Why are quads used for agriculture?

Why are quads so common in agricultural, forestry and off-road uses? That's because they're powerful on top of their versatility. They still aren't as large (compared to other off-road vehicles) but give riders the power to plow through multiple terrain types - hence why it is called an All Terrain Vehicle! You can use them for carrying equipment around or hauling a trailer; ATVs or Quads will often be your best option for using both outdoors & indoors.

Popular Quad Bikes

If you’re in the market for a quad bike, ATV or any other electric or petrol ride on, then check out this page.

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