Millennial woman riding an electric scooter in the street

Five Great Reasons to Get a Kids Electric Scooter This Summer!

Millennial woman riding an electric scooter in the street

With the school holidays now here, there are a number of new summer conundrums to think about in terms of how we get around. Many people want to stay off public transport and out of their cars as much as possible so they can maintain better air quality; but what if you're at home or traveling across Britain for your British vacay?

If that's the case then consider getting an electric scooter! They make it easy to zip along on footpaths when going from one place (like work) or another (e.g., shopping). You'll never need any more than five minutes' worth of charging time before zooming up hills with speed & ease - plus those little machines will even help teach kids some road safety skills.


Sometimes the school holidays can be a little boring for your kids. This summer many of their usual sources of entertainment, like amusement parks or cinemas, will either stay closed during certain hours or open only on weekends and evenings. 

One thing you can do to make this more fun is buy them an electric scooter! Kids consider these things nippy, easy-to-use  and some models even have flashing lights too!

Helping Kids Keep Up

Whether you’re taking your kids for a walk or going on an exercise routine, having something that will let them keep up with you is the best solution. With less powerful motors they can ride alongside as we jog and run without hearing those dreaded tones of “Mummy/Daddy I’m tired…!

Whether it's when walking to do some chores or just trying out our own exercise routines, if we have things which allow children to stay close, then life becomes much easier. Kids are able to hop onto one of these scooters while still being in close proximity - meaning no more "Daddy/Mommy I'm Tired" shouting.

Note: personal e-scooters of any kind must only be ridden on private land with the landowner’s permission.

Holiday Space Savers

When packing the car for a holiday, it can be tricky to fit everything in that you need. When you account for your kids bikes too, there may not be enough space left!

But with a kids e-scooter on board things are much easier because of their small size - they take up less room than anything else and provide tons of fun when travelling long distances!

Kids e-scooters are a great low volume solution for packing when traveling. Easily foldable, they can take up much less space than your average bike and still provide the same amount of fun!

Lower-powered Motors for Controlled Fun

Kids e-scooters are awesome! They're even smaller than adult versions, so they can't go as far or fast. This makes them much safer to ride on paths and bike trails because you have more control over the speed of your travel.

Gateway to the Future 

Kids will find it much easier to get where they want without having to worry about the cost of petrol, or for their parents who no longer have to drive them around.

An e-scooter can also encourage your child to stay outdoors more because. This benefits them since they’ll have increased health and well-being as well as getting them away from games consoles.

So what are the main benefits of electric scooters?

Improves Body Balance

You know how it feels when you're just getting on a scooter? Well, now imagine taking that feeling and multiplying it by 100! It's like nothing I've ever felt before - in the best way possible. My balance improved so much riding an e-scooter for only three weeks because of all those "moments" my body was telling me to bail out from this or hold tighter.

Balancing your body may sound like a pretty basic skill, however, riding an electric scooter will help you develop this further at no real effort. Body balance is important in terms of the ease with which one finds moving about; better body balance = greater mobility skills.

Mobility For People With Health Issues

Electric scooters have been praised across the world for giving those with health issues increased mobility. In countries like New Zealand where electric scooters are a preferred way to commute, they’ve been applauded because they can replace cars for people who don't currently drive but once were able-bodied drivers.

Electric scooters are like a breath of fresh air for those who have to use their legs on a daily basis. You know, when walking isn't an option and public transport can be hard to take advantage of?

A good way around that is by hopping onto one these bad boys! They're preferred over bikes as they'll wear you out less from pedaling, while getting you just where you need to go in no time with minimal effort required. 

Change Perspective - Take Control

You'll be taken to new places with your electric scooter. Once you start, the exhilarating thrill of riding a brand-new electric scooter. Just remember it can take you all over town and towards adventures that are even more exciting than just cruising around. 

The best part is: 

You kids might meet new friends on their travels  and also make lifelong memories as well. And while it's true that there's no shortage of people who love their bikes, nothing beats an electrifying ride on scooter ride. 

Go ahead and look out our extensive range!

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