Dirt Bikes vs. Motorbikes: What's the Difference?

Dirt Bikes vs. Motorbikes: What's the Difference?

At first glance dirt bikes and motorbikes look very similar. The fact that they both have two wheels, a handlebar, a seat and an engine. 

What possible differences could there be? 

Believe it or not, these two styles of bikes have been designed for totally different terrains and riding. Each one has its own unique style based on what the rider needs.

Now, of course there are glaring similarities between the two if we’re talking street bikes. It’s the overall constructions, materials and design that separates them.


You generally find the tyres on a dirt bike are studded and have a much deeper tread for better traction. 

This means when you take them off road they’re much easier to handle and maneuver. With regards to motorbikes, their tyres are pretty much slick despite a bit of tread on the sidewalls of the tyres. 

They are wider but are a lot smoother than a dirt bike. This helps them grip the road a lot better and therefore making for a much stable ride.


Traditionally you’ll find dirt bikes are smaller than motorbikes. The tyres are generally the same size, but the frame is normally smaller and compact and the seats are quite narrow. There’s absolutely no room for any luxuries or special features with a dirt bike. 

What you see is what you get. There’s no stereos or sat navs anywhere to be found on a dirt bike and you’ll find it hard to find any manufactured with such toys. Most motorbikes are made from metal, whereas dirt bikes consist of a lot of plastic to try and keep the weight down.


This is where there’s a significant difference between the two types of bikes. As we briefly mentioned earlier. 

Dirt bikes normally have a much smaller frame and are lightweight in construction. Since they’re generally used for jumps and quick turns, they need to be manufactured out of really light materials. 

Street motorbikes are built for smoothness of ride, comfort and of course, to look good :) Their heavy metal construction backs them hard to maneuver around but allows for steady control for the road conditions it’s likely to encounter.


You may not have given this any thought, but, the seats on the two bikes are very different too! Dirt bike seats are much smaller and narrower in design while motorbike seats are heavy, thick and much wider.

You’ll also find the position of the seat will be different too. The position of the seat on the dirtbike is further forward and the handlebars are lower. This will allow the rider great movement and maneuverability. 

On a motorbike, the reverse is true. The seat is located further back on the frame with much higher handlebars.


Every single dirt bike that has been built has a suspension that absorbs the impact riding on rough terrain and major shocks from various jumps. Therefore, you’ll find they are mostly hydraulic in nature and built to withstand constant abuse. On the other hand, motorbikes are certainly not built this way. 

They generally have a very limited suspension that is designed for cruising around on much softer surfaces 

So, after reading this. Which one is for you? What would best suit your needs? For most,this is going to be fairly straightforward as one bike is used as a daily rider whereas the other one is used for fun. 

Also, if you’re unsure which one to go for, please feel free to get in touch with us so we can help you through the buying process.

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