10 Cool Augmented Reality Apps for Education

10 Cool Augmented Reality Apps for Education

Augmented Reality Apps are quickly becoming the new technology trend for classrooms. Augmented reality is a type of technology that applies digital information to the world around us, and it's already changing how we look at education.10 Cool Augmented Reality Apps for Education

Augmented Reality Apps can be used in any classroom environment, but there are some apps that stand out from the rest.

This blog will list the 10 most popular ones and also discuss why augmented reality apps are such an important tool in a school systems' curriculum.

Here's how AR can help kids:

- Augmented Reality Apps allow students to engage in a one-on-one learning experience.

-Students can learn at their own pace and on their own schedule, which is especially helpful for those with special needs or disabilities.

-The student has the freedom to explore anytime and anywhere without being confined to physical boundaries that would otherwise restrict movement.

-AR can be used in education to show virtual representations of concepts and include gaming elements for reinforcement.

-Highlights the need to equip students with a rich education in collaboration skills, problem-solving tactics, and creativity for the future.

Experience Real History

Imagine a world where you could go back in time and interact with people from your favorite era.

As technology advances, this becomes more of everyday reality for history lovers.

Personalised Reality Boards™ are the new way to experience different historical eras without ever leaving home!

ERH uses Reality Boards and cards with augmented reality to give students a unique insight into history, starting with the 1836 Alamo.

The augmented reality app features famous figures from around the world. When students view two cards through the app, they can find out how each person interacted with others in their time period.


Curiscope is a company that creates an interactive experience, unlike anything else.

They provide the user with different portals to explore and study from all around the world or inside your body.

These products are perfect for those looking to learn more about their surroundings in new ways while at home alone, on vacation as a family day activity, or even in school classrooms.

The app can be turned off once you've explored everything - it's still just like any other cool product without its AR mode activated.

Using the Virtuali-Tee, a T-shirt embedded with a code, combined with our Curiscope app, students can explore all of the systems and understand anatomy on a deeper level.


The 3DBear Deep Learning Academy is revolutionising education by training educators to use Augmented Reality and time-tested pedagogy in order to integrate technology into lessons.

This means students can engage with immersive learning experiences whether they're teaching a class or remotely.

This app can be used to create AR experiences from a variety of subjects and grades. Teachers get a few lessons to help them get started, as well.

Catchy Words AR

Catchy Words AR is a new word game made specifically with augmented reality in mind.

With an immersive experience without touching the screen, you just need to walk around and catch as many letters as possible. And then solve them by using your device like it's never been done before.

Catchy can be enjoyed by everyone - from children solving words and remembering their spelling, but adults will have fun too helping each other out or showing off skills they've had for years.

Every interaction feels familiar because there is a fluidity that connects people even more to this virtual world we're living in today.

CoSpaces Edu

CoSpaces Edu is a 3D creation and animation platform that offers children of all ages the chance to create immersive virtual worlds.

CoSpaces Edu enables kids to learn to code while also developing digital literacy skills like collaboration, which are vital for their future success in this technologically advanced world we live in today.

It also has modes for novice and expert coders to allow any level of AR sophistication.


Metaverse is an app that enables the user to be a creator themselves. It's popular with teachers for creating scavenger hunts, quizzes, and more--as well as many other possibilities.

World Brush

World Brush is an AR experience where users can paint in the world for others to discover.

Every painting is anonymous and only visible when it was created by a user, which means there are no boundaries or restrictions on what you create because anyone will be able to find your artwork if they're looking close enough.

Users have the ability to like paintings that they enjoy as well as report any artworks that violate our guidelines so we can remove them before more people see them.


Orb is an augmented reality app that lets learners build on the real world as though they were designing a set for a stage production. Their creations can also be shared with others through their account.


One of the benefits this augmented reality app offers is that it allows learners and teachers to type or speak commands, which the app will then create.

Merge VR

Merge VR is the best-augmented reality app for education, not only in a classroom environment but also outside of it. This company uses a headset and the MERGE cube to provide AR experiences.

Why Should AR Enter the Classroom?

Augmented reality, when combined with the latest in virtual technology and augmented-reality software is revolutionizing how students will learn.

For example, you can see 3D models of historical time periods that are far more detailed than what was once possible to view through 2D images like paintings or drawings.

You could even poke around inside a human body without anyone else knowing :)

What can happen when AR is used in distance learning?

Imagine a world where there are no more desks, just computers, and screens?

A student could look out their window to see the outside environment on any screen they touch or turn around to explore different angles of that same scene.

Augmented Reality creates an immersive experience for students as if they were exploring it themselves right at school, so why not use this technology within educational settings as well?

Wrapping Up

AR is a revolutionary new technology that has the potential to change the way we interact with people, information, and even our own homes.

In order for AR education to be successful in future generations, it will need to focus on providing an engaging experience while also making sure students are still engaged when not using augmented reality features.

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