Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Teens in 2021

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Teens in 2021

If you're looking for a way to show your teen how special they are, then we've got some great ideas.

Whether your teen is the type who loves to be outdoors and enjoys sports or prefers more indoor activities like playing video games, there is something on this list that will suit their tastes.

The best part about these Christmas gift ideas for teens is that most of them can be personalised with photos and text!

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great unique present idea for teens. You can give them a gift card to their favourite store or even digital gift cards such as iTunes will make great Christmas presents! Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Teens in 2021

A popular choice for teenagers is the Amazon Gift Card which you can personalise with your own message and photos. There's also a considerable amount of choice when it comes to how much you give, so whether your teen is a big spender or on the more frugal side of things this will suit their budget perfectly.

Tickets to a Concert or Sporting Event

You may have promised to take them to a concert but either didn't have the money or the time to go. Well, now is your chance to make it up to them with a ticket for their favourite band or sports team's concert!

There are so many choices available when it comes to concerts and sporting events which makes this the perfect choice as a Christmas gift idea for teens because you can choose whatever event they would enjoy most - from Justin Bieber tickets to Little Mix!

A New Pair of Headphones

This may sound like a strange one, but you would be surprised how quickly headphones can wear out!

The best option for teens is to get wireless headphones because they are easier to use and less hassle. There's also the added bonus that you will no longer have to listen to their music or video games! Plus, there are so many different styles of headphones available it means your teen will be able to pick one which suits them perfectly.

New Clothes

This one is a little harder to sort since most teenagers are quite picky when it comes to their clothes. However, if they have been hinting at a certain item of clothing or you know what size they need then this can be the perfect unique present idea for teens.

Get them something that is comfortable and classy so that there's no chance of it going out of style too quickly!

It's also worth taking their personality into consideration and getting clothes to match - whether that means buying nerdy clothes for your gamer teen or sporty ones for an outdoors lover.

A Subscription Box Service

If your teen loves trying new things, then one of the best Christmas gift ideas we could recommend would be a subscription box service!

These boxes come with different monthly themes such as beauty products, snacks, and even all types of items like socks!

If they are an older teen away at Uni, then they will really appreciate this unique present idea as well because it's something they can enjoy even if you're not around.

We hope this list of Christmas gift ideas for teens has given you some inspiration and we wish you a Merry Christmas!

A Netflix Subscription

You have the choice of buying them their own Netflix subscription or purchasing the larger subscription that allows you to have more users.

For teens who are into their movies and TV shows, this is the perfect choice for Christmas presents because it will allow them to relax in front of the telly with a good show.

Photo Books & Calendars

What's great about these photo books and calendars is that you can include photos from your teen years as well!

Whether they're modern or old-fashioned, there'll be something on here which fits their taste perfectly. These make fantastic unique present ideas for teens at Christmas time!

Watches/Jewellery Boxes & Accessories

If you have noticed your teen wearing more jewellery recently then chances are they would love some new additions to add to their collection - whether that means watches or even hair accessories such as clips or hairbands.

It's important to find out what kind of jewellery they like before you head into the shop so that you know which designs will suit their tastes best.

Sports Equipment/Uniforms If your Teenager Loves Playing Sports

If they are involved in a certain sport at school or even just after-school activities, getting them new equipment would be one of the best Christmas gift ideas for teens.

For example, if your teen plays football it could mean buying shin pads and boots as well as having their name printed on their top so that all of the other players know who they are!

Or if they are looking to get fitter, perhaps you could purchase an exercise bike or even treadmill - whatever suits their interests best.

Driving Lessons

So many teens would love to learn how to drive and just don't have the money for lessons.

Buying your teen driving lessons as a Christmas gift would be one of the best present ideas just because they could start this new chapter in their life next year! Plus, you can help them to get from A-Z with learning how to drive and just focus on getting used to being behind the wheel.

A Petrol Motorbike or Quad Bike

If your teen is the adventurous type, you may not have thought of getting them a petrol motorbike or quad bike as one of the best Christmas gift ideas for teens.

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Teens in 2021

Just make sure that they wear all of the correct safety equipment before getting behind the wheel and take responsibility when driving too - just in case an accident does happen which could injure themselves or others on roads etc.

A Trip to the Spa with a Friend or Parent

It would be highly unusual for your teen to book themselves in for a spa. However,  if you could convince them to do so as one of the best Christmas gift ideas for teens, then we would recommend treating them and a friend or parent!

Not only is this such a nice gesture, but they also get to pick the date and time of their visit - so they get to relax just the way that they want.

Treatment Vouchers for Various Services Such as Haircuts etc

If your teen isn't too adventurous with their look, then why not purchase them some voucher codes for different beauty services? This would be one of our top choice Christmas gift ideas because it allows them to pamper themselves and pick out what suits them best!

Just make sure you know which salons are in close proximity to where they live before purchasing these gift cards, though. Otherwise, you might choose somewhere that isn't close to them!

Wrapping Up

With any luck, this should have given you some great ideas for what to get your teen this Christmas.

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