Where Are The Best Places To Ride My Quad Bike?

Where Are The Best Places To Ride My Quad Bike?

Where are the best places to ride quad bikes?

That is a question that many quad bike enthusiasts often ask themselves, and there is no simple answer.

Quad biking has been around for decades, but there are still so many great areas to explore. 

In this article, we will go through the best quad biking locations in the UK! Where Are The Best Places To Ride My Quad Bike?

For road use, a quad bike is to be ridden on the road by those of legal driving age. There are restrictions around children riding without a license.

For those reasons, there are still plenty of places your children can ride their quad bike -- here's where to go quad biking.

Where Can I Ride My Quad Bike in The UK?

Quad Biking in the South West


Quad Biking in the South East


Quad Biking in London


Quad Biking in the East of England


Quad Biking in the West Midlands


Quad Biking in the East Midlands


Quad Biking in the North West


Quad Biking in Yorkshire and the Humber


Quad Biking in the North East


Quad Biking in Wales


Quad Biking in Scotland


Quad Biking in Northern Ireland


Here's a breakdown of the different places you can take your quad bike:

In Your Garden

If you have a garden that is large enough, quad bikes are great fun to ride around in.

Be careful not to damage anything, and make sure you keep an eye on the time as trackless quad biking can be addictive!

Bear in mind that zooming around on your quad bike will likely damage any sort of grass you might have in your garden.

In A Forest

First, ensure riding a quad bike is allowed before going quad biking in a forest.

If you can, quad bike riding is an awesome experience due to the uneven terrain that your quad has to deal with on its own.

The best areas are often found away from roads and paths so make sure you read up before going!

Local Motorsports Park

Many people will use their quad bikes solely for racing purposes; if this sounds like something which interests you then it's worth checking out local motorsport parks in your area.

There may be some sections set aside specifically for quad bike racers but these can often get very busy so check before turning up on

On The Beach

One of the best places for quad bike riding is on a sandy beach. If there isn't much sand nearby, it's easy enough to pack some down with something like a bale of hay or straw before heading out onto your quad bike adventure.

If possible take someone else along who knows how to operate one so they can help give directions when needed and provide assistance should things go wrong!

On Holiday

Depending on where you go on holiday you may be able to find quad bike riding opportunities.

For example, you may be able to quad bike on a beach in your hotel resort which will make an excellent experience for quad-bikers of all ages; alternatively, if there is some form of nearby forest it could also provide a great day out!


Can you ride a quad anywhere?

Legally-driven quad bikes can be ridden on designated roads as well as between the lanes that are designated for motor vehicles. 

However, you should check the proposed route online to make sure it is legal for your vehicle first.

Can I carry a passenger on my road legal quad?

You may carry passengers as long as there are proper provisions for your passenger, such as a seat with foot pegs that they can use to place their feet.

What cc quad can I ride on a car licence?

Generally, you'll need a B1 category full motorcycle license or full car licence to drive a quad bike on the road. 

You will typically be limited in your maneuvers by weight and speed restrictions until you have been out of high school for at least two years.